The Shrine of La Santisima Muerte

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Shrine of La Santisima Muerte color web

The Shrine of La Santisima Muerte is a 17ft tall tiered structure showcasing our Santisima Muerte sculpture, which is a silver jeweled skeleton with LED butterfly wings. Leading to the Shrine are 6 Feathered Serpent lantern posts. The entire project will be lit by hundreds of LED lights so that it shines bright in the night, drawing in travelers from near and far. We are building this art installation project to debut at Burning Man this year, as we are an official Art Honorarium recipient of Burning Man. After, the Shrine will travel to art and music festivals around California, Nevada and Arizona after. We are fundraising to finish acquiring the last third of our budget and we need your help!

Our Artistic Vision and Artist Statement:

La Santisima Muerte: the Lady of Shadows, the Sacred Death, the Skinny Lady. Looking out from her Shrine, she rejects none, for all will come to her in the end. She represents the universality of death that generates a fundamental equality amongst all of human kind. Her Shrine is covered in symbols and imagery of our innovation and folly, our greatness of spirit and failures of character, our precious love and our violent hate, for around the core truth of our shared humanity lies the challenges, choices, will and imagination that creates and defines the individuality of our human spirit. Arrayed before her, six heads of Quetzalcoatl, the Feathered Serpent, the Bringer of Knowledge, hold high the lanterns that dispel the darkness of ignorance and concealment, illuminating the path to discovery.

Our Costs and Needs:

As an official Burning Man Honorarium recipient, our project was funded for $8,000 of our $13,000 budget. We also received a $1,200 grant from SDCAP for the project. That leaves us a mere $3,800 away from fulfilling our budget needs to build and transport the Shrine to Burning Man. This budget includes tools, flat bed trailer, steel, foam, wood, paint, generator, batteries, hundreds of feet of LED strips, and other supplies. To raise these funds, we have created soft enamel pins and vinyl art stickers that we are giving away to you, our supporters, to show our thanks! The Santisima Muerte pins in gold metal with pink glitter fill wings will be sent to all supporters who donate $15 or more! The shape cut Santisima Muerte vinyl stickers will be sent to all supporters who donate $5 or more!

Visit our GoFundMe campaign and become a part of making this art installation happen by visiting La Santisima Muerte GoFundMe!

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