Hood Bat Painting

Hood Bat painting by El Vaquero Muerto


“Hood Bat” is a mashup of different styles and genres.  She is my ghetto goth and she’s a hardcore killah!  The original painting is acrylic on art board,  6.5×10″ and I’m working on an awesome framing  job for her.

I make giclee prints on canvas of all my paintings, illustrations, photography collaborations and leather paintings. My personal artist philosophy is to share my images with as many people as possible to enrich their lives and give them to ability to personalize their spaces with artistic works that they enjoy, without having to pay the high prices that original works demand. These giclee prints are done on canvas and stretched over wooden bars, except the 4×6 which are stretched over solid blocks of wood. These prints are ready to hang and can be printed in varying sizes with different prices. This makes them fantastic additions to homes, offices and as unique and artistic gifts.

Fine art giclee prints on canvas are available in the following size/prices:

Canvas 4×6 – $10
Canvas 6×9 – $20
Canvas 8×12 – $30
Canvas 10×15 – $55
Canvas 12×18 – $75
Canvas 16×24 – $135
Canvas 20×30 – $190
Canvas 24×36 – $250

Matte Paper 12×18 – $15
Matte Paper 24×36 – $60

order prints on my Etsy store:  Hood Bat Print

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