Spirit of the West: Catrina and Vaquero art prints

Spirit of the West: Catrina by El Vaquero Muerto and Tommy Pemberton Photography Spirit of the West:  Vaquero by El Vaquero Muerto and Tommy Pemberton Photography


My good photographer friend Tommy Pemberton and I got together to create the “Spirit of the West” set, which consisted of “Vaquero” and “Catrina” (also listed here on Etsy). These works are digital photographs where I had painted the faces and costumed both myself and the incredibly beautiful Brittany Graves. Tommy and I had discussed concepts for the shoot and while we initially had been aiming at two sets of gunfighter posturing shots (faces, hands near pistols, foot stance, etc), these two shots emerged and the project shifted from the gunfighter aspect to that of mystical desert archetypes instead. “Vaquero” represents the trickster, loco side of the desert with its heat mirages, thirst madness and hidden secrets. “Catrina” represents the gorgeous, seductive side of the desert with its vast beauty, promise of freedom and siren-like song.

I make giclee prints on canvas of all my paintings, illustrations, photography collaborations and leather paintings. My personal artist philosophy is to share my images with as many people as possible to enrich their lives and give them to ability to personalize their spaces with artistic works that they enjoy, without having to pay the high prices that original works demand. These giclee prints are done on canvas and stretched over wooden bars, except the 4×6 which are stretched over solid blocks of wood. These prints are ready to hang and can be printed in varying sizes with different prices. This makes them fantastic additions to homes, offices and as unique and artistic gifts.

Fine art giclee prints on canvas are available in the following size/prices:

3×7 – $10
6×14 – $30
9×21 – $65
12×28 – $135
15×35 – $190

order prints on my Etsy store:  Vaquero and Catrina

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