Layla Custom Leather Knife Sheath

Layla custom tooled leathe knife sheath by El Vaquero Muerto Leather and Art for Layla carbon steel knife by Diamond J Knives

Marcelino Jauregui is a genius. And then he started making knives. Hand made custom carbon steel knives.

I had to do a custom leather sheath for one. So I told Marce to send me a sexy knife so that I could work my magic and he sent me the most beautiful knife I’d ever seen him produce! I immediately called him up and asked him what the knife’s name was (Marce and his business partner Danny always give their knives a lady’s name). But when he said he didn’t know – that they couldn’t figure out just who she was – I knew I had to take some drastic action. After all, how could I tool a custom leather knife sheath with the knife’s name and skeleton self in it if the knife’s name was unknown?

Enter Heathyr Hoffman, ghost hunter, medium and all-around awesome beauty. “So, what’s the knife’s name?”, I ask.

“I don’t know that it can be spoken in any human language”, Heathyr said.

“Is there something in English she would like to be called?”

“Layla”, she said and handed me the knife.

And thus Layla was named and I created the first of many sheaths for Diamond J Knives (Marce and Danny’s custom knife company). The sheath includes a rare earth magnet stitched into the back that keeps Layla secure and safe from falling out, while also allowing the whole package to be stuck to the roof of your truck for easy transportation!

To contact Diamond J Knives about your own custom carbon steel knife, reach Marce and Danny at the info below!

Diamond J Knives Website

Layla custom tooled leather knife sheath by El Vaquero Muerto for Layla custom carbon steel knife by Diamond J Knives

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