Patriot Motorcycle Riding Mask

Patriot Mask by El Vaquero MuertoPatriot Mask by El Vaquero Muerto

Patriot Motorcycle Riding Mask – $375
Made to Order, Hand-Tooled and Painted Leather

Photos are of  Miss Mischief by SMP Photography.

The Patriot Mask is one of my favorite masks that I have created. I love my Country dearly and believe wholeheartedly in the values of Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness that our flag is supposed to stand for. The tattered bottom of the mask is a reminder, however, that these ideals come at a price and must be hard won. I’m not going to lie to you, this mask also just looks bad ass and has a ferocity to it.  It embodies everything I relish in the freedom of the open road.

All of my Motorcycle Riding Masks are hand-made and so each is unique and different, even when they are the same overall design. Each mask features a lambskin leather lining and padding in the nose and cheeks for added comfort. The masks also include a brass insert in the nose that allows it to be custom formed to the wearer’s face, as well as one in the chin area for molding to the preferred shape. The mask attaches with elastic and Velcro straps that attach behind the head. The mask sit on the nose and cheekbones, away from the mouth so that breathing is possible through the sides and bottom. Additional breather holes can be added for reduced humidity.

To order the Patriot Mask, visit my Etsy Shop.  Custom motorcycle riding mask orders can be made by visiting the Commissions Page on my website or by emailing me at From motorcycle riding masks to guitar straps to fine art pieces, I can create something truly spectacular for you.

Sin Boldly,

El Vaquero Muerto

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