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Serenade art prints

Serenade painting by El Vaquero Muerto


Under the desert moon he sings to her of the past, of the world, of his heart. High above, perched upon a cloud, she hears his song and a path is strung between them.

I make giclee prints on canvas of all my paintings, illustrations, photography collaborations and leather paintings. My personal artist philosophy is to share my images with as many people as possible to enrich their lives and give them to ability to personalize their spaces with artistic works that they enjoy, without having to pay the high prices that original works demand. These giclee prints are done on canvas and stretched over wooden bars, except the 4×6 which are stretched over solid blocks of wood. These prints are ready to hang and can be printed in varying sizes with different prices. This makes them fantastic additions to homes, offices and as unique and artistic gifts.


Fine art giclee prints on canvas are available in the following size/prices:


Canvas 4×6 – $10
Canvas 6×9 – $20
Canvas 8×12 – $30
Canvas 10×15 – $55
Canvas 12×18 – $75
Canvas 16×24 – $135
Canvas 20×30 – $190
Canvas 24×36 – $250


Matte Paper 12×18 – $15
Matte Paper 24×36 – $60


order prints on my Etsy store:  Serenade art print

Spirit of the West: Catrina and Vaquero art prints

  My good photographer friend Tommy Pemberton and I got together to create the "Spirit of the West" set, which consisted of "Vaquero" and "Catrina" (also listed here on Etsy). These works are digital photographs where I had painted the faces and costumed both myself and the incredibly beautiful Brittany Graves. Tommy and I had discussed concepts for the shoot →

Hood Bat Painting

  "Hood Bat" is a mashup of different styles and genres.  She is my ghetto goth and she's a hardcore killah!  The original painting is acrylic on art board,  6.5x10" and I'm working on an awesome framing  job for her. I make giclee prints on canvas of all my paintings, illustrations, photography collaborations and leather paintings. My personal artist philosophy is to →

Custom Motorcycle Riding Masks

All of my Motorcycle Riding Masks are hand-made and so each is unique and different, even when they are the same overall design. Each mask features a lambskin leather lining and padding in the nose and cheeks for added comfort. The masks also include a brass insert in the nose that allows it to be custom formed to the wearer's →

Bendice by El Vaquero Muerto & Tommy Pemberton

Bendice is a photography collaborations with my good friend and photographer Tommy Pemberton. We set out to create an iconic image of the strength, beauty and power of the Hispanic population in the Southwest where we live. We hope this inspires people of all ethnicity to find the strength within themselves and push foreword unafraid. I make giclee prints on canvas →


Kiss by El Vaquero Muerto and Andy Hartmark

"Kiss" was a collaboration between myself and the photographer Andy Hartmark. It was my first real Dia de los Muertos makeup job and I took 4 hours to do Lexi's makeup for it. We were making promotional material for an event called Zombie Prom which was a zombie/day of the dead psychobilly event in Phoenix, Arizona. It was a fantastic →

“Calavera Erótica” Mask

The "Calavera Erótica" Mask was created for a client in Texas.  It was modeled by the lovely Darling Nikki in a photoshoot we did at my art gallery in Downtown Phoenix, Galeria de los Muertos. Masks generally run around $350 and go up a little or down a little in price depending on the design.  I do →

Layla Custom Leather Knife Sheath

Marcelino Jauregui is a genius. And then he started making knives. Hand made custom carbon steel knives. I had to do a custom leather sheath for one. So I told Marce to send me a sexy knife so that I could work my magic and he sent me the most beautiful knife I'd ever seen him produce! I →

Libre Tooled Leather Motorcycle Seat

The Libre Tooled Leather Motorcycle Seat is the first motorcycle seat I created. It was commissioned by the incredible metal fabricator Gavin Kober, who was building an amazing custom chopper for himself. He had previously commissioned the St. Muerto Tooled Leather Motorcycle Tool Pouch and wanted a seat to match. I am currently in the works making Gavin a →

“The Lady in Calavera” Fine Art Leather Painting

I created "The Lady in Calavera" fine art leather painting in October of 2009 to be in the Dia de los Muertos exhibit at the Arizona Historical Society Museum in Tempe, Arizona. I wanted to pay homage to el Dia de los Muertos while also commenting on the role that religion plays in the culture of the Southwestern United →